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Transfer Service

Savadori Navigation also organizes hotel-port-hotel shuttle service.

Our stops in Capo Vaticano :

Piazzetta Santa Maria:

Stella Marina Square:

Stop info office:

Stop the Compass:

Pipirean Junction:

Stop Curvone:

Stromboli stop:

Our stops in
Santa Domenica

Ruralia Junction:

Santa Domenica pharmacy stop

Our stops in

Tropis stop:

Neptune Rock Stop:

Our stops in

Esso Parghelia stop:

Transfert service available for tours of :
  • Vulcano Lipari Stromboli TUESDAY FRIDAY SUNDAY
  • Stromboli by Night on MONDAY THURSDAY
  • Lipari Panarea Stromboli on SATURDAY

Check availability and costs at

340 09 21 751

or send a whatsapp to the number

0963 39 40 44

The cost of service and availability varies depending on the day and availability on our vehicles.

Requests such as high chairs for children, disabled service, pick-up at different locations should be requested directly to our phone numbers


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Start of boarding operations from the ports of Vibo Marina e Tropea 30 minutes before. Start of boarding operations from the islands 10 minutes before.