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Island Tour

Discovery tour of the western area of VULCANO and LIPARI by boat.

The tour will begin upon arrival in Lipari. You will sail at low speed and at the shortest possible distance from the coast so that you can take breathtaking photos of the many bays that can only be reached by boat.

We will sail through the famous “FARAGLIONI DI LIPARI” just as Ulysses did; we will see “LA MUMMIA” the famous obelisk-shaped rock; we will pass under the “SCOGLIO DI PAPA GIOVANNI”; we will reach the “GROTTA DEL CAVALLO” and the “PISCINA DI VENERE”, and again…. Vulcan’s “SIREN FARAGLIONS”!!!

The picturesque places on this mini-hike are countless as well as indescribable in their charm. What most enchants the visitor is the majesty of the rocks and volcanic formations, the iridescent colors of the Aeolian waters, the intensity of the blue of the sea, the red of the iron oxide covering the coasts, the yellow of the sulfur. In short, a rainbow of emotions!!!
This journey, through spectacular vistas, will be accompanied by a voice guide who will tell stories and legends of these enchanted vistas


Reservations only directly on board as it can only be done in optimal marine weather conditions.



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Start of boarding operations from the ports of Vibo Marina e Tropea 30 minutes before. Start of boarding operations from the islands 10 minutes before.