Panarea Stromboli by Night

Panarea Stromboli by Night

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An exciting day; a place where history and legend come together and create an ‘unforgettable excursion

Ideal for families but also for couples looking for a romantic place; for groups of friends seeking adventure or solo trips to immerse themselves in the green of nature, the cobalt blue of the Aeolian seas and the red of lava and the sparkling colors of bougainvillea


60.00 € ADULTS + 5€ landing fee
40.00 € CHILDREN (3-12 years old) + 5€ landing fee
0.00 € NEONATES (0-3 abbi) + 5€ landing fee

July 2024
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Panarea Stromboli by Night

Vibo Marina Departure

Departure from Port of Vibo Marina.(Boarding) Boarding operations begin 20 minutes earlier

Tropea Departure

Departure from Port of Tropea.(Boarding) Boarding operations begin 30 minutes before

Arrival in Panarea

Arrival in Panarea, port of San Pietro.

Stop for a visit to the small village and, for those who wish, it will be possible to reach the small prehistoric village or take a swim at Calajunco.

It takes 40/45 min of walking to reach these two destinations.

Renting a cab is recommended. It is recommended to book the driver for the return, to avoid not finding a vehicle in time for re-boarding.

Departure from Panarea

Start boarding operations 10 minutes earlier at the meeting point designated by the guide

Arrival at Stromboli

Arrival at Stromboli, Scari harbor.

Stop ashore for sightseeing, shopping or swimming at the renowned black beaches.

Possibility of dinner at various restaurants. On-board staff will be able to provide info and advice.

Departure from Stromboli

Departure from Scari harbor, Stromboli.

Start boarding operations 10 minutes earlier at the meeting point designated by the guide

Stopover times on Stromboli Island will be changed according to the length of daylight so that we will be under the Sciara del Fuoco at dusk.

Departure from the Sciara del Fuoco

Stop in front of the Sciara del Fuoco about 30 minutes (marine weather conditions permitting)

Arrival at the port of Tropea

Arrival at the port of Tropea

Arrival at the port of Vibo Marina

Arrival at the port of Vibo Marina


Schedules to and from each island are to be considered approximate as we are subject to regulations by the harbormaster and favorable weather and sea conditions for sailing.

Precise departure times are communicated only by the captain, or ship's guide, on the day of the excursion upon 'arrival in the vicinity of the islands as they are subject to weather-marine conditions, maritime traffic and provisions by the Port Authorities.

In case of unfavorable weather - sea conditions, the captain, for the safety of passengers, may decide not to pass in front of the "Sciara del Fuoco" and set course to the port of departure

Things to know?

Inform yourself well before departure

Arrival and departure times. to and from each island, expressed on our website or flyers, are to be considered INDICATIVE as they are subject to weather – sea conditions, sea traffic and provisions by port and municipal authorities.
Exact departure times are communicated only by the captain, or the ship’s guide, on the day of the excursion upon arrival near the islands islands

Please note that , dates will be subject to optimal marine weather conditions and minimum number of participants.
In case the minimum number is not reached, the ‘excursion will be postponed to the first useful date.
We therefore recommend phone contact at 340 09 21 751 for more info and departure details

 Departure will be determined at FAVORABLE marine weather conditions. Since the excursion lasts about 12 hours this company tries to start the ship only in optimal marine weather conditions. Should the field trip be postponed it will be moved to the first available date

There are unattended parking lots near the ports of departure. However, there are paid parking spaces, on blue stripes, or free parking spaces on white stripes. Leave your car outside the port area. Area subjected to video surveillance and consequent monetary fine

Info on blue stripe prices are to be sought from municipal police because they are subject to change.

Leave your car outside the port area as neither parking nor stopping is allowed inside the port. The area is under video surveillance resulting in a fine. Info for secured parking with firms outside Savadori Navigation: Vibo Marina 0039 331 31 89 910 – Tropea 0039 340 82 31 566. The phone numbers provided are intended as information only. Contracts/agreements with these firms should be made directly between the parties involved.

More info click here

The Company’s vehicles, due to their technical characteristics, are intended for “Passenger transportation” only. In fact, they do not have cages or places specifically for transporting pets. It is allowed, the carriage of a pet accompanying the passenger, under the following conditions:

  • during the entire duration of the trip, dogs must be muzzled and leashed and worn in case other passengers feel the need; cats and other small pets, on the other hand, must necessarily be kept in suitable “carriers,” as well as birds in appropriate cages.
  • animals should be transported in such a condition that they cannot cause damage or inconvenience to other passengers and/or the vessel;

The Company reserves the right to request, prior to boarding, health certification attesting to the animal’s state of good health and vaccination record.

Maintenance, custody and care of animals during transport are at the expense and risk of the passenger, who is obliged to comply with the health regulations dictated in this regard by the Competent Authorities.

Italian-language guide on board at all times.
Also available in English and German upon request at no extra cost.
Other languages on request at additional cost

Comfortable beach clothing: flip-flops, bathing suit, sun hat, especially in high season.

DO NOT bring along beach umbrellas or beach toys for children-they would just be inconvenient to carry around.

Low season best to bring a long-sleeved shirt if you want to make the return trip on the open deck.

If the weather forecast is not optimal, also bring a windbreaker, which you can leave on board in case you do not need it.

Purchases at the onboard snack bar
Museum admission
Vulcan mud and showers entrance
Extra tours organized on board

Disabled access permitted. Recommended tour. Contact us for more info on toilet services, assistance and advice.


NO AMERICAN EXPRESS circuit payments allowed

Tickets issued ONLY FOR GOING / ONLY FOR RETURN, i.e., for those who choose to stay overnight and return on different days from departure, will be confirmed only 24 hours before departure, as it is subject to minimum number of participants and/or favorable weather/sea conditions. The ticket price guarantees the passage and NOT the mini-cruise i.e., we do not guarantee that the islands will be touched in the ‘order above.

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